Seven-year-old Diego* is a recent recipient of a pair of a pair of crutches in El Salvador. Diego was left with a serious hip injury after falling from a playground slide as a toddler. He will need hip replacement surgery to correct the walking impediment once his body stops growing, but until then must rely on crutches to walk. Diego’s mother brought him to Clinica El Carmelo, an AmeriCares-supported clinic in Soyapango, where he received a pair of our donated pediatric crutches. Diego is now able to move about independently and without difficulty.

The clinic, like many other health care facilities that AmeriCares supports around the world, provides low-income populations with primary care and some specialty services. Donations from us and other organizations, allow the clinic to provide its patients with equipment free-of-charge – equipment that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

We are grateful for our ongoing partnership with AmeriCares, and are proud of the mobility support we have collectively been able to provide to children in El Salvador. Together we are improving global health and helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Along with AmeriCares, we are committed partners in delivering walking aids to the most vulnerable population in Central America: children. To date, we have provided mobility equipment valued at close to $13,000 to El Salvador. Most recently, we helped AmeriCares deliver 82 crutches and walkers to El Salvador in a single shipment.

*name has been changed