Crutches 4 Kids' mission is to help children move.



There are 50 million children in need of crutches worldwide.


Across America, crutches collect dust in closets, garages, and storage spaces. Meanwhile, in low-income countries, crutches are a rare and valuable commodity that millions of children live without. They struggle to do everyday things  that we take for granted, like going to school, playing with friends, and getting food and water.

Crutches 4 Kids wants to reverse this INJUSTICE.

Our mission is simple—to collect and distribute crutches to help children move. Crutches 4 Kids bridges the gap between the supply and demand of crutches to liberate and empower children with mobility impairments around the world. With your help, Crutches 4 Kids can bring aid and restore a sense of independence and hope to the children who need it most.


No child should live a life of loneliness and isolation. For so many of the world’s children, a pair of crutches can make all the difference.


Founder's Story

Dear Friends,

Crutches symbolize more than just a way to get around. They build confidence, help foster greater independence, instill hope, and enable children to attend school.

The idea behind Crutches 4 Kids is simple yet incredibly effective. After much discussion with leading health care and orthopedic professionals as well as African relief workers, we came up with a mission to give the gift of mobility to disabled kids around the world. Our goal is to collect, transport, and distribute crutches by enlisting the help of students and partnering with hospitals and crutch manufacturers for donations. Our organization aims to teach the value of social service to volunteers—it’s not necessary to be wealthy to give back to the community!

We greatly appreciate the support of our patrons and look forward to increasing our donor network and recipient base. Thank you for being a part of this exciting and incredibly fulfilling journey.


Ken Shubin Stein

Founder and Chairman