The Need is Staggering

50 million kids are in need of mobility aids like crutches, canes and walkers as a result of chronic disease, war, natural disasters, traumatic accidents, extreme poverty, and poor health care. Only 10% of children in underserved communities have access to mobility aids due to such barriers as cost, accessibility, and supply.    



In a 2005 global study of 114 countries, 41 did not provide funding for mobility devices. People with disabilities in the developing world experience high rates of poverty, and many are unable to afford crutches.



Children and families living in remote areas often cannot afford to travel to equipped medical centers located in urban centers, as these journeys can be costly and time-consuming.




The production of crutches in the developing world is very small or non-existent.  Areas of war and natural disaster also disrupt the availability of crutches.