Frequently Asked Questions

What size crutches are accepted by Crutches 4 Kids?
We accept ALL SIZES since many middle and high school aged children can use adult sized crutches. Given that our mission is helping children in need, youth and pediatric sized crutches are most appropriate.

Do you accept other mobility devices?
We mainly collect crutches. However, walking canes or a folding walker are generally accepted.

How can I donate my crutches?
If you have a pair of crutches that you would like to donate, there are several collection centers in New York and New Jersey where you can drop them off. Information about the drop off locations can be found online here.

I live far-away, can I send my crutches to you?
We can only accept pediatric and youth sized crutches by mail. Please send them at your expense to the following address: Crutches 4 Kids, East Coast Orthotic and Prosthetic, 75 Burt Drive, Deer Park, NY 11729.

Will you come pick up my crutches?
We do not pick up crutches from your home. 

My crutches are missing parts. Can I donate them anyway?
Crutches 4 Kids aims to provide children and adolescents with a decent pair of crutches to improve their personal mobility. We cannot accept broken or damaged crutches. If you would like to fix your crutches in order to donate them, you can order pads, tips, and hand grips from websites like Amazon.

How can I help Crutches 4 Kids achieve its mission of helping children in need?

  1. Plan a crutch drive in your community (at school, religious institution, office, store, etc.).
  2. Donate or help us raise funds.
  3. Share our website with family, friends, and colleagues by word of mouth, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Volunteer your time or services. We can make use of your skills and energy in many different ways. We are especially looking for volunteers with graphic design, media, fundraising, and advertising skills. We also regularly need volunteers to help us sort the crutches and prepare them for distribution.

If you are interested in donating your time or a particular service please email us at

Who can plan a crutch drive?
Anyone! Please follow this link for more information on how to host a crutch drive in your community.

I want to hold a fundraiser or awareness-raising event. How do I start?
Please think about who you want to get involved in this project, and what is the best way to reach those people. Are you part of a club at your school, a book club, or a faith-based community? Working to engage a group you are already involved with is an excellent way to get started. We welcome your creativity!

When you have decided on your event, please submit an event plan for approval by emailing us at If approved we will post it on our website, Facebook, and Twitter if you would like it to be a public event.

What is Crutches 4 Kids' mission?
Crutches 4 Kids’ mission is to help children move.

Who receives your donated crutches?
Any child or adolescent who is physically disabled and could benefit from crutches but cannot afford them. Although Crutches 4 Kids’ focus is on children, we also receive a number of donated adult-sized crutches and send those to adults in need around the world.

Where does Crutches 4 Kids get the majority of its crutches?
Crutches 4 Kids receives the majority of its crutches from crutch drives hosted by schools and community organizations, and strategic partnerships with hospitals, physical therapy offices, and manufacturers.

How does Crutches 4 Kids deliver the crutches to children in need?
Crutches 4 Kids partners with established international organizations who are already on the ground serving the most disadvantaged disabled children around the world. Crutches 4 Kids will work with them to ensure fair and appropriate distribution of the crutches to those in need.