A pair of crutches changes everything



The Impact of Crutches on a Child’s Life




An estimated 98% of children with disabilities in developing countries do not attend school. Crutches help children access school giving them the opportunity to learn and become productive members of their communities.



Every child should have the opportunity to run around and play with friends. Crutches help kids feel more included in fun activities.




Access to food and water

A pair of crutches can help a child collect water more easily, as well as gather and prepare food independently.




Participation in family and communal life

Sadly, children with disabilities are often excluded or stigmatized. Crutches restore self-confidence and allow kids to participate in communal activities.


Enhanced sense of dignity and self-worth

Crutches improve a child’s self-image, self-esteem, independence, and sense of self-worth.



Access to sufficient healthcare

Crutches allow children to get the rehabilitation, important examinations, and vaccinations they need, which can lead to lower healthcare costs and vulnerabilities throughout their development.



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