We are so proud of our ongoing relationship with AmeriCares to ship and distribute many of the crutches we collect to areas in need around the world.  Although Crutches 4 Kids' primary focus is helping children walk, some of our aids are donated to adults in need as well. Here is a story of how a recent shipment through our partnership with AmeriCares benefitted patients at a hospital in Malawi:

Rozina with her walker at the Malamulo Hospital in Malawi. Photo courtesy of Temidayo Ogunrinu.

Rozina with her walker at the Malamulo Hospital in Malawi. Photo courtesy of Temidayo Ogunrinu.

Malamulo Seventh Day Adventist Hospital is a non- profit hospital run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church through Adventist Health International. It is a 325-bed hospital that serves a catchment area of 130,000 people, treating an average of 80,000 patients per year in Southern Malawi. AmeriCares has partnered with Malamulo Hospital since 2002.

Crutches available at Malamulo Hospital are usually made out of wood. Although they are sustainable, these crutches are usually difficult to adjust to a person’s height, causing discomfort and inconvenience. One of our recent shipments of donated crutches and walkers has allowed patients to move much more freely and comfortably, allowing them to increase activity and productivity in their day-to-day lives. According to Dr. Ryan Hayton, surgeon at Malamulo Hospital, “The crutches provided assurance that the individual could walk again with assistance. Many times, people are bound to wheelchairs, causing many people to feel like they have lost their independence and feel pretty miserable. Crutches help our patients gain back their independence and their ability to walk.”              

One of the patients who has benefitted directly from the donation is Rozina Thomas. She is 76 years old and diabetic, having lost her leg due to an infection. Fearing the infection might spread throughout her body and threaten her life, doctors amputated Rozina’s leg. She has since been recovering at Malamulo Hospital and is thrilled that she will be able to walk again using her walker. Rozina stated, “I am happy I will be able to walk, thank you.”