Photo Courtesy of: Orthopedic Training Center

Photo Courtesy of: Orthopedic Training Center

Kisi* is a 12-year-old girl who, in addition to a leg amputation, has leg paresis (partial loss or weakness of voluntary movement) and kyphoscoliosis (a congenital deformity that results in abnormal curvature of the spine). As a result, her father abandoned her at birth, leaving Kisi's mother to care for her and her two brothers. Working as a porridge vendor, her mother could not afford mobility aids for her daughter and Kisi relied on others to move about. But when she was brought to the Orthopedic Training Center in Kumsai, Ghana, she received a pair of crutches donated by Crutches 4 Kids at no cost. 

“Our major goal is to help patients get back on their feet and crutches are the cherished companions for beginners, intermediate and others for a long time,” said Sister Elizabeth Newman, director of the Orthopedic Training Center. “It is important for us to get a patient standing and walking soon after admission. This donation from Crutches 4 Kids makes it possible; otherwise they have to wait for us to make our own wooden crutches.”

Donations of crutches minimize the cost of treatment for many underserved patients and eliminate the delay that comes with constructing the center’s less reliable wooden crutches. “We see over 7,500 patients annually, so having ready-made crutches of all sizes is an enormous help to both the institution and the patients,” Sister Elizabeth added.

"Kisi is a very nice girl and is now in junior secondary school," Sister Elizabeth said. "It is painful when she says her father wants nothing to do with her." Thanks to Crutches 4 Kids, Kisi now enjoys the convenience and freedom of moving about independently.

We’re thrilled Kisi now enjoys the convenience and freedom of moving about independently and are grateful for our ongoing partnership with AmeriCares to distribute crutches to children in underserved communities. The Orthopedic Training Centre in Kumasi, Ghana, is one of 14 hospitals and clinics across the country supported by the Ghana Millennium Cities Initiative (MCI). AmeriCares delivers medicine and medical supplies to MCI for patients in need and a recent shipment included 15 pairs of crutches, provided by Crutches 4 Kids.

*name has been changed