Check out this great blog by Dan Woog in Westport, CT, on the history of Crutches 4 Kids and its founders.

Crutches 4 Kids: Westporters’ Gift To The World

Posted on August 10, 2011 |

How long have those crutches sat in your attic?

If you’re like most Westporters Americans:  quite a while.

We sprain an ankle or break a leg.  We use crutches, then get better.  But we can’t be bothered to recycle them, or even throw them out.  We keep them, for “whenever.”  It’s the way we roll.

Billions of people in the Third World — many of them kids — don’t have crutches.  But they need them a lot worse than we do.

In 2009, Westport natives Ken and Beth Shubin Stein, and Beth’s husband Chris Ahmad, did something about this paradox most of us never think about.  They formed Crutches 4 Kids.

Since their 1st event — a hugely successful crutch collection drive at Bedford Middle School — they’ve delivered crutches to needy youngsters around the globe.  That simple gift has transformed thousands of lives.

Tonight the trio will be honored by the New York Yankees.  In a pre-game, on-field ceremony, Ken, Beth and Chris will accept a Starter Athletics award for their efforts.

More importantly, they’ll get a nice check to continue their vital work.

The Crutches 4 Kids guys (and gal) come by their passion naturally.

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