Crutches 4 Kids congratulates Ruby, age 13, on her successful crutch drive in Gardiner, NY. We are very grateful for her efforts and hard work - she collected close to 200 crutches! Because of her, dozens of children and young adults in Sierra Leone have been given the gift of mobility. Click here to view pictures from her drive.

We asked Ruby to blog about her experience to share with others:

Hi, my name is Ruby. This summer as a project I put together a crutch drive with the help of Crutches 4 Kids. It required a lot of work, but in the end was well worth it. I had to go to the local businesses and ask if I could put a box to collect crutches in the store, then I put up flyers around town to let people know about the drive. Later, we got a bunch of boxes and decorated them with posters and designs, after that we brought the boxes to the participating businesses. We collected close to 200 crutches and wouldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.  And even after the drive had finished, we still received more crutches!

This group of crutches is heading to children and adults in Sierra Leone, which has around 20% of the world’s amputees and an extreme amount of Polio victims. The crutches collected will help them interact with the community and engage in activity that they could not do without mobility.

A special thanks to The Bakery, Shop Rite, The Gardiner Library, The Village Market and Bakery, Gardiner Reform Church, and Ulster Savings in Gardiner and New Paltz for being a part of the drive (all in Gardiner and New Paltz, New York).  Thanks to everyone that helped! 

Ruby Z. (Age 13)